What is your return policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with your SURFACE product, please email customerservice@surfacecorp.com. Please include your order number in the subject of your email, and a detailed description in the email body. A customer service representative will be in touch asap with a solution. You are responsible for return shipping charges. We regret that we are unable to refund your original shipping charges (if applicable) unless the return was a result of our error.

For more information, please contact our customer service department by email at customerservice@surfacecorp.com or by phone at (760) 362-8964

Where is your product made?

Good ole' USA!!! Specifically Florida and North Carolina.

Do you ship outside the USa?

As of now, Surface only ships within the US but we're working on it!

Can you still get tan while wearing sunscreen?

Yes! You can still get that sun kissed glow we all love while staying protected under the sun. The days of using just coconut oil or baby oil are over!!!ย  Sunscreen only acts as a protective barrier for your skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays, it doesnโ€™t hide you completely from the sun. We suggest using a protective sunscreen of at least 30 spf (and then maybe you can put on some tanning oil). According to the Skin Cancer Foundation 3% of UVB rays can still get through a spf 30 sunblock and 2% of UVB rays can get through a spf 50 sunblock. The long lasting damage of the sun is not worth frying your skin just to be a little darker for a couple summer months. If you donโ€™t wear any sun protection you take the risk of getting really sunburnt which may cause you to peel which will reverse all the time you put into tanning. You should really try and make applying sunscreen a daily routine and make sure your after sun care is just as important. Making sure youโ€™re putting on aloe vera gel to keep your skin hydrated will help your tan last.ย ย ย 

I have a natural darker skin toneโ€ฆdo I still need sunscreen?

Yes! This is a very common misconception. People with darker skin tones still are at risk for skin cancer. UV rays are still harmful no matter what! Darker skin tones may not get sunburnt as quickly but can still burn and are still susceptible to sun-induced damage such as sun spots, wrinkles, and cancer.ย 

Surface sunscreens are also known to not leave a heavy white cast. All of our sunscreens are designed to be as light as possible allowing you to live your daily life comfortably without looking like a zombie. The only product that usually leaves a white cast is the Mineral lotion.

HOw often do i need to reapply?

120 safe while sunny! Meaning the recommended reapplication is every 2 hours (120 minutes) maybe even more if you are sweating or in and out of the water.ย  Being mindful of your sun exposure is key to preventing long-lasting sun damage and making sure you apply sunscreen everyday. If you know you are going to be in the water or sweating, a helpful tip we like to give people is to apply your sunscreen before you leave the house and let it soak in for about 15 minutes before your activities. A perfect product of Surfaceโ€™s to keep handy in your desk or bag is the Dry Touch spf 30 1.5 ounce lotion. This little guy will make reapplying a breeze and not a hassle to carry around with you all day.

Is Surface cruelty free?

Have you seen our office dog Hank?? We could never!

Are your products kid friendly?

Yes! All of our products are hypoallergenic and dermatologist recommeneded. So not only are our products kid friendly they are also great for sensitive and acne prone skin. But if you want to be extra safe we have our all natural mineral lotion.

We designed our formulas to be lightweight and comfortable so kids don't mind putting on sunscreen and wearing it all day.

Mineral vs. filtered ingredient sunscreens...I didn't know there was a difference!

Mineral sunscreen acts as a physical barrier that lies on top of the skin and reflects and absorbs UV rays. Mineral sunscreens are thicker feeling and will usually leave a whitecast.

Filtered ingredients absorb into the top layer of your skin for a lighter and cleaner feel. They absorb the UV rays by converting them into heat and sending them right back to where they came from.

Knowing the difference between mineral and filtered ingredients is important information in deciding which sunscreen product is the best for you. Our product line offers both types of sunscreen to ensure you can pick which is the most comfortable for your skin.ย 

What is "reef safe" & "reef friendly" sunscreen exactly?

First off it is best to know that "reef safe" or "reef friendly" is currently not defined or regulated by the FDA. There is a lot of information out there, some misleading. We choose the Hawaii Act 104 which has barred the use of Oxybenzone and Octinoxate. All of our formulas (including our lip balms) meet this standard.

Also who doesn't love a good reef break!? Just saying.

Dry Touch vs. Sheer Touch formula. What's the difference?

The Dry Touch and Sheer Touch sunscreens are the exact same product, protection, and comfort wise. The only difference is the Sheer Touch has a mango, coconut, guava fragrance. We suggest the Sheer Touch if you want to smell like you're on a tropical getaway.

Dry Touch = no fragrance

Sheer Touch = fragrance

If you have more sensitive skin we would suggest the Dry Touch formula because fragrance may cause irritation for some people.ย 

The reason we provide these 2ย  slightly different formulas (along with our various other products) is because we want you to have the best sunscreen that suits you and your lifestyle.

Can I use any of your sunscreens on my face, or does it have to specifically say "face" on the packaging?

All of our sunscreens are menat to be able to use on your entire body AND FACE. So yes, you can use any of our products on your pretty little face.

We do suggest not spraying your face with the spray cans. You are more likely to get sunscreen in your eyes and inhale it. We recommend sticking to creams and sticks for the face.

Do your products expire?

Sunscreens aren't immortal super heros. Our products are FDA regulated and have a 3 year expiration from the time they are produced. You can find your products expiration date on the bottle. If not, let us know and we will do our best to help ya out!

Are Surface Sunscreens water resistant?

Our sunscreen products are Water Resistant up to 80 minutes, which is the highest the FDA will allow. If you sweat, are in the water, or towel off please remember to reapply!

Can I use sunscreen under my makeup?

Yes! Any of our sunscreens can be used under your makeup and as part of your daily routine. A fun trick we have learned is mix in any of our cream/lotion formulas with your moisturizer for a 2 in 1 combo before your makeup.