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We're so reef safe even our lip balms are!

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Natural Moisturizing Peppermint Lipbalm

The all natural love your lips need! The perfect mix of Beeswax, Vitamin E, and Peppermint Oil.

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SPF30 Coconut Berry Lipbalm

Fan favorite of our lip balm family! The Surface SPF30 Coconut Berry Lip Balm is great to always have handy.

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SPF 30 Pina Colada Lipbalm

Warning: The Surface SPF30 Pina Colda Lip Balm might transfer you to a tropical vacation.

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SPF50 Mango Lipbalm

Our lip balm with the most protection from the sun. The Surface SPF50 lip balm tastes like a fresh mango just picked from a tree.

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