Non-Nano Zinc Facesticks

New Ocean Waste Recycled packaging

Say hello to our best seller, the Surface Non-nano Zinc Facestick! You may know the classic smaller grey look. Well, consider it revamped! The formula is still the same one youโ€™ve come to know and love but we have doubled the amount of product (not the price) from .5oz to 1oz and made the packaging out of ocean waste plastics. You know all that crap that is floating around in the water? Yup, thatโ€™s what the containers that hold your favorite sunscreen are made of. Just another reason to love the Surface Non-nano Zinc Facesticks!ย 

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This product is the number one choice of all of our extreme water sports athletes but if youโ€™re just a physical barrier sunscreen lover this is a great go to!ย